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Current traction between Okehampton and Meldon presently consists of D4167, Lab 11 and 61743.

sunday-roverD4167 is a class 08 0-6-0 diesel shunter, TOPS number 08937, named ‘Bluebell Mel’, although the nameplates are currently (Dec 2015) removed for repair.  Built in 1962 in Darlington, it has spent all its operational life in the South West, at Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Exeter or Meldon. It has dual brakes.

heritage-serviceLab 11 began life in 1951 as BR Mk1 Brake Second Corridor (BSK) S34249 at Ashford/Eastleigh, built to diagram 181, on lot number 30021. Initially it worked between London and Ramsgate then from 1963 it was part of a boat train from Waterloo to Southampton Docks connecting with the ferry to St Malo. It was withdrawn from revenue earning service in February 1970, and converted in June 1970 to QXX RDB 975046 ‘Laboratory 11’ to form part of the Tribology Test Train, with which it entered service in 1972.

It last ran in this guise in 1996, and was disposed of in 2004, arriving on the DR in Sept 2011 via the Great Central Railway. DRSA C&W volunteers have restored it to its original Research Division livery, getting it into service in spring 2015. The interior has been fitted out with tables and loose chairs, and as a dual-braked brake coach with a generator and a kitchen, Lab 11 is a very versatile vehicle.

61743 is the driving trailer (DMSO) from class 411 Southern Region 4-CEP electrical multiple unit 7178 (subsequently 1589), built in 1960 at Eastleigh to diagram 884. It is air braked.  It currently carries the British Rail blue/grey livery.

It is planned that the following stock may be used later in the season with D4167:

Dartmoor Railway may, later in the season,  use 1132 a BR Southern Region class 205 diesel electrical multiple unit, commonly known as a ‘Thumper’ because of the distinctive noise of its 62 litre 4 cylinder English Electric 4SRKT engine. The set was renumbered 205032 when BR introduced TOPS. It was built in 1962; the underframes at Ashford and everything else at Eastleigh. It was used for commuter services in and around Berkshire until retirement from main network service in 2004. Originally it was a 3 car unit comprising DMBSO (power car) 60150, TSO (centre trailer) 60677 and DTCsoL (driving trailer) 60831, though it operates as a 2 car unit in Dartmoor Railway service without the unrestored TSO.

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